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Alexander Zaitchik and Rick Perlstein: Whither Glenn Beck? (2)

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Glenn Beck might not have a lot of advertisers left, but he’s got a lot of viewers still. And the Obama administration recently showed off just how terrified they are of the FOX News host by pressuring Shirley Sherrod to leave her position because of the threat of a video appearing on Beck’s show. But Beck didn’t start off as a journalist (or a demagogue). He came from much humbler beginnings.

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Alexander Zaitchik has a new book out, Common Nonsense, looking at the background and bluster of FOX’s star, and he joins us in studio, along with historian and author of Nixonland Rick Perlstein via phone, to discuss, give some context, and to try and answer the serious question: how much attention should progressives really be paying to Beck?

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