Why Have There Been No Great Women Comics Artists? (Part 3)

The discussion raised lately by this column, shakeups in corporate comics and general ongoing frustrations in the world of lady drawers has hinged largely on why there have been no great female comics characters, and the ridiculous outfits they are often given to wear. But as in any form of media, comics are also a job for those select few with the talent, perseverance and luck to make it work. But those select few are a very homogenous group, and some are starting to ask why.

This last installment of Anne Elizabeth Moore and Christa Donner’s collaborative “Ladydrawers” series, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Comics Artists?” answers the question with a mix of whimsy, theory and actual overheard quotes. (You’ll have to guess which is which!) Set your bookmarks for our next installment now: we’ll be dishing some stats on exactly how many women are working in comics – and where.

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“Ladydrawers,” a new semimonthly comics collaboration, looks at the reasons behind gender bias in the media and in the comics world, and the impact that these dynamics have in both realms.

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