Why Have There Been No Great Woman Comics Artists? (Part 2)

The art world is different from the rest of the business world, right? All those creative people, making culture happen from their perch on the cutting edge, are sheltered from the humdrum problems the rest of us face in the workplace – right?

Wrong, and wrong. And no one knows it better than the women who make comics happen while a sizable slice of their potential audience, and their colleagues, avert their gaze. Wanna draw and raise kids? Attend a conference without being mistaken for the hired eye candy?

Comic pros Anne Elizabeth Moore and Christa Donner take us into their world for another ink-stained brainstorm about the mysterious shortage of accomplished ladydrawers, and the absent praise for the women who’ve already more than earned it.

Ladydrawers, a new semimonthly comics collaboration, looks at the reasons behind gender bias in the media and in the comics world, and the impact that these dynamics have in both realms.

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