This School Is Not a Pipe

2014 0206pijr 1

2014 0206pijr 2

2014 0206pijr fb[1] “Promise Neighborhoods and the Importance of Community: Remarks of U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan at Neval Thomas Elementary School, Washington, DC.” Dec. 21, 2012

[2] “Fuel Your School Program Benefits 56,366 Students in Sacramento County.” Chevron press release. Jan. 16, 2013. Click here for full text.

[3] This comic accompanies a two-year long Truthout supported series illustrating the education reform debate from an alternative perspective, both ideologically and visually. See also The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum: The High Price of Education Reform (Adam Bessie & Dan Archer: Part I: Washington D.C.;Part II: New Orleans; Part III: Finland) and Automated Teaching Machine: A Graphic Introduction to the End of Human Teachers (Adam Bessie & Arthur King).