Burrito Gases

“The Green Ninja,” a character created by a climate scientist and his team, provides an entertaining and educational way to help children – and everyone else – grasp the intricacies of climate change and learn what they can personally do to become involved in fighting it. See additional details about the series or head straight to this week’s episode, “Burrito Gases: The Field of Beans.” (Hint: these are not the kind of “gases” you might be thinking of!)

He’s back! Dr. Burrito is on the move and on this episode of the Green Ninja Show, he makes house calls and visits a couple different burrito farms. He does this so he can analyze the air at each farm to see what kind of greenhouse gases are being produced and how much. There are three gases that burrito farms can produce that cause our atmosphere to get a little gassy: Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), and Nitrous Oxide (N2O).

We can keep these gases out of the atmosphere by not supporting their production.

Learn more about these unhealthy greenhouse gases and join Dr. Burrito on the farm.