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Dear Readers

Dear Reader,

In an age when so much “journalism” is advertising in disguise, we strive to be the media we want to see in the world.

For over two decades, Truthout has established itself as a publication whose independence and integrity are unparalleled in the news industry. Many media outlets talk the talk, but we understand that when it comes to trust and transparency, actions speak louder than words.

While billionaires buy or bankrupt media outlets, and so-called nonprofit news ventures materialize under the sponsorship of for-profit media conglomerates, Truthout has refused to sell out, remaining steadfast in our commitment to real grassroots journalism.

In order to remain entirely independent while adhering to the highest editorial standards, Truthout accepts no advertising or corporate investment. Instead we depend on our readers — and a handful of foundations who share our values — to make our work possible. Believe it or not, the average donation to Truthout is $36!

While we work to deliver the latest news and analysis to our readers seven days a week, 365 days a year, part of our work as a publication is making space for hope. That’s why we’re calling in the most creative thinkers, journalists and activists we know and asking them to map some paths toward a livable future. On key issues like civil rights, immigration, environmental policy and economic justice, these writers will help spark our collective imagination and share new strategies to meet the new challenges we’ll face.

We know the way forward won’t be easy, but we hope you’ll join us in creating journalism in the pursuit of justice by making a one-time or monthly donation today.