Sonasha Braxton

Sonasha Auset Braxton is the Race & Ethnicity Department chair at the Hampton Institute. She is a nomad, world citizen, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native. She has spent a number of years in Sub-Saharan Africa, working in the field of refugee protection, social services and resettlement. She is a yoga instructor, dancer, language teacher, polyglot, singer and spoken word artist. Sonasha received her B.A from the University of Miami in Africana Studies and International Studies, her MSc from The London School of Economics and Political Science in Human Rights, and is making a sincere effort to finish her PhD in the next two years in Clinical Psychology at Saybrook University.

Sonasha is oriented theoretically toward Afrikan-centered, humanistic, energy and liberation psychologies and is passionate about ameliorating the quality of life for those whose holistic needs are often left neglected by current systems. She appreciates good hip-hop, political humor, experiential learning, unexpected teachers, beautiful stories, selfless acts of love, and being unplugged, but tuned in.