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Monica Clua Losada

Mònica Clua-Losada is Associate Professor in Global Political Economy at the Department of Political Science at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. She is an executive board member of the Johns Hopkins University- Universitat Pompeu Fabra Public Policy Center in Barcelona. She is also an international advisory board member of the Critical Political Economy Research Network. Her research focuses on the contestation, subversion and resistance of labour and other social movements to capitalist relations of domination in Europe. She has written and researched on the effects of the current financial crisis on the Spanish state, the British labour movement and social movements in Spain. Her recent work has been published in Comparative European Politics, New Political Economy and the Global Labour Journal. Her latest book, co-authored with David Bailey, Nikolai Huke and Olatz Ribera-Almandoz entitled Beyond Defeat and Austerity: Disrupting (the Critical Political Economy) of Neoliberal Europe has been published in the Routledge RIPE Series in September 2017. The book draws from examples across the EU, it presents an alternative narrative and explanation for the development of Europe’s political economy and crisis, emphasising the agency of what are typically considered subordinate (and passive) actors. By highlighting patterns of resistance, disobedience and disruption it makes a significant contribution to a literature that has otherwise been more concerned to understand patterns of heightened domination, exploitation, inequality and neoliberal consolidation.