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Katitza Rodriguez

Katitza Rodriguez is Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) international rights director. She concentrates on comparative policy of international privacy issues, with special emphasis on law enforcement, government surveillance and cross border data flows. Her work in EFF’s International Program also focuses on cybersecurity at the intersection of privacy, freedom of expression and copyright enforcement. She is an adviser to the UN Internet Governance Forum (2009-2010), and a member of the Advisory Board of Privacy International. Before joining EFF, Katitza was director of the International Privacy Program at the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in Washington, D.C., where among other things, she worked on The Privacy and Human Rights Report, an international survey of privacy law and developments. Katitza is well known to many in global civil society and in international policy venues for her work at the UN Internet Governance Forum and her pivotal role in the creation and ongoing success of the Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, for which she served as the civil society liaison while at EPIC from 2008 to March 2010. Katitza holds a bachelor of law degree from the University of Lima, Peru. Follow her on Twitter: @txitua.