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Jon Gluyas

is a professor of Geophysics at Durham University. Gillian Foulger has consulted for various companies and government organizations. She has provided expert advice on earthquakes induced by hydrocarbon extraction and geothermal fluid extraction and injection, and on monitoring earthquakes for hazard reduction. She has received funding for this work from government, industry and research councils. She is a member of the UK Labour Party and the University and College Union.

is a geologist at Durham University. Jon Gluyas works with Geomatic Ventures Ltd a company that uses satellite data to monitor earth movements and consultancy funding has been received from gas production companies and from the European Investment Bank who wish to avoid such earth movements.

is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Earth Sciences at Durham University and is funded through a Durham Doctoral Studentship. His research on induced earthquakes was funded under contract with NAM BV and Professor Gillian Foulger, as part of an expert panel on induced seismicity and the Groningen gas field.