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Will Hillary Clinton Support Obama’s Peace Initiative With Iran?

As Hilary Clinton takes the forefront as a political superstar in the Democratic Party, many are urging her to use to power to push peace efforts through on the Iran deal.

Whatever we on the left think of President Obama and his other policies, all of us are united behind his peace initiative with Iran. This is historic (given the context of our history with Iran), a very big deal, and a rather gooddeal as well.

Put differently, if all of the various hawks had their way, the price of oil at the pump would be $10 a gallon and rising. Plus a whole lot of people would die. Not good outcomes.

So I and a great many like me stand in praise of the president in this bold and necessary action. Praise from one more person is needed, however, especially in light of the constant and predictable attacks from the right.

We need Hillary Clinton’s voice as well.

Why Should Hillary Clinton Speak Out on Iran?

There are a great many reasons for Hillary to speak now in support of peace with Iran.

First, she’s the most recent Secretary of State — of this administration in fact — and this is her bailiwick, her portfolio.

Second, her opinion is highly respected, not just on the left, but also in the “center,” where hyper-busy voters reside. Her voice would swing some weight, and that weight is needed now, not six months from now. We need the national mood to settle today in support of these peace talks. Iran has opened the door; an intentionally confused electorate must not be allowed to close it.

And finally, to come out for peace, for Obama, and for a signature item of her party’s agenda, all of this signals leadership at a time when Clinton may be considering the leadership mantle herself.

I do not know if Ms. Clinton will run in 2016, but she appears to be moving in that direction — or at least not closing her options just yet. Adding her voice to Obama’s peace initiative will not damage her, but keeping silent may. I’m already seeing criticism of her from the left; not something she needs right now, one would think.

Sign the petition: Urge Hillary Clinton to Publicly Endorse the Deal with Iran

I’ll be frank about where I stand. I want this initiative to succeed, and I want Hillary Clinton to have every opportunity to prove to her party’s base that she’s ready to stand up when standing up is needed. She has many supporters on the left side of the peanut-gallery aisle. This is a big opportunity to show that she’s the one they’ve been looking for. I want her to make that good choice. I want her to support peace with Iran.

Do you agree? If so, you can help. The people at Just Foreign Policy have created a MoveOn petition to ask Ms. Clinton to support Obama’s peace initiative. Here’s a bit from their letter to supporters:

Republicans like Lindsey Graham are attacking the diplomatic deal on Iran’s nuclear program negotiated by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.

It would make a big difference in getting political acceptance for the deal if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were to publicly come out and endorse the deal. … Silence by Hillary is going to be perceived as a lack of support, not simply staying out of it. There is no neutral on some things.

And from the petition itself:

It’s 3AM: Where’s Hillary on the Iran nuclear deal?
By Robert Naiman (Contact)

To be delivered to: Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State


We urge Hillary Clinton to publicly endorse the diplomatic deal on Iran’s nuclear program negotiated by President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry.

This is pretty straightforward, and the timing is now, while the jackels are circling. The neocons are crazy, the far-right Israeli government is crazy, the breitbarts and Foxes are crazy. They blew up Iraq, and look what we got for it. Now they want to blow up Iran, a nation four times its size, a nation with muscle, with agents, with powerful friends — a nation that could close the Straits of Hormuz tomorrow.

Obama did a fine thing in putting an end to this madness. Help him keep it that way. Help Hillary Clinton help him. You could even help Hillary help Hillary. Please sign the petition.

After all, if you don’t think you have a personal interest now, wait until your 10-gallon fill-up is a crisp century note — $100 per and rising. By then it will be too late.

The stakes have never been higher (and our need for your support has never been greater).

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