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Why Bradley Manning Should Be Free

Acronym TV releases a new video in support of Bradley Manning who is alleged to have shared information with WikiLeaks that exposed spying, corruption and war crimes.

History is filled with examples of brave individuals who have broken the law to serve the greater good of humanity. In other words, whistleblowers expose crimes, even if they break a law in the process, and like a jaywalker who crosses street to stop a murder- they should be given medal for their heroism and pardoned the jaywalking ticket. Bradley Manning, who is alleged to have shared information with WikiLeaks that exposed spying, corruption, war crimes, among other tools of repression used by the global elite – is a shining example of one such individual who deserves to a ticker tape parade befitting a hero, not the over 900 odd days of imprisonment and torture that have lead up to his current hearing at Fort Meade.

If you agree, grab this embeddable video & blog it, tweet it, facebook it and email it.


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