Truthout Authors on The Rick Smith Show

Listen to Truthout Authors speak with labor radio host Rick Smith about their latest reports and commentary:

Michael Corcoran Discusses the Death of Keynesian Economics

Mike Ludwig Discusses the Flood of Corporate Cash into Ohio’s Battle Over Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill with Rick Smith

Kathleen Sharp Discusses Medicare Fraud

Yana Kunichoff Discusses Truthout’s Recent Collaboration with the ACLU on Surveillance in the “Homeland”

David Bacon Speaks About the Dangers of the Newly Passed Free Trade Agreements

Robert Naiman Speaks With Rick Smith About The Historic Opportunity to Have Congress Cut Military Spending

Mike Ludwig Discusses His Latest Story on Fracking

About The Rick Smith Show: In 2005, The Rick Smith Show stepped into a local radio world devoid of progressive talk. On a small country & western station, Rick took his Teamster-member outlook to the air and started mixing it up with conservatives from one of the reddest areas north of the Mason Dixon line. His show grew steadily, attracting listeners starved for a voice that spoke to working stiffs who felt the economic floor crumbling beneath them. Five years after the start of his weekend program, Rick moved to new time slots and new stations. His show now airs Monday-Friday 9pm-12am on WIOO 97.9 FM & 1000 AM (Carlisle/Harrisburg) and WEEO 93.9 & 1480AM (Chambersburg/Shippensburg).