The Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal

Off in the not so distant future, a discussion inside an Atlanta prison cell.

“So how you get here?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Beg what? How you get here? Stick-up kid? Bank jobs myself.”

“I get it. You robbed banks.”

“You deaf? Jamal over jacked rides and cribs. Ol’ Slick can’t take no from the short-tays. What you do to get here?

“I, um, well…”


“I was a cheating teacher.”

“I beg your pardon?”


Calm down, white people. You’re going all Michael Vick again. You’d think these cheating teachers were there with Vick when he created the sport of dog fighting. What’s that you say? Vick didn’t invent dog fighting? Well, he must have considering all that uproar. Geeze, remember that uproar?

But yeah, if they did what they did, those teachers should be fired. If the administrators created such an atmosphere, especially let them go. Where it involved money, if they stole any, make them pay it back. If it was a lot, yeah, those folks should go to jail. But I haven’t read where a lot of money was stolen.

But a $7 million bail for former Superintendent Beverly Hall and other astronomical amounts for the other defendants (all since reduced)? Did they off someone that someone failed to mention?

Then—these photos of the suspects covering nearly an entire news page? What if one was wrongly accused? Is anyone at the daily gonna apologize? Will they help her get her life back? I thought I was looking at participants of the St. Valentine’s Massacre. Or Vick.

Endless stories of the same story? All these unruly sentiments demanding their heads.

“I wanna see (Hall) do the perp walk,” said local commentator Erick Erickon, or some such thing

Wow. I didn’t know right-wingers cared so much about urban children. They don’t seem to care so much when they need more food stamps, or when their parents are being discriminated against for jobs that could lift the poor things out of poverty or when they’re beaten by the police.

I know. The district attorney is black. But his job is a, well, job. He knows what is expected of him from those who—despite all those claims of a purported Mecca—still underwrite the culture.

It’s all in the response, you know, and black people, like any other people, to paraphrase that old popular standard, ain’t blind and they ain’t stupid. They don’t see broadcast after broadcast or repeated printed page of the same white suspects, especially with such long careers in a damn near consensus respected profession and with so many women. Meth dealers, maybe. But teachers?

A good story is a good story but this seems also that, for too many, and those mostly the same suspects, this is too joyously something else.