Our Situation Is Urgent

Sledgehammer to the world(Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout)

Perhaps never before in history has the human species been at such a turning point. If we continue forward along our current trajectory, the environment, economy, government, and socio-political systems upon which civilization depends are sure to collapse.

Another “never before” is the pace at which corporate power is taking full control of government decision-making and opting to charge full steam ahead with business as usual in regards to fossil fuel exploitation and consumption. Our situation is urgent. As former NASA chief scientist Waleed Abdalati told me in a recent interview, “We’re effectively taking a sledgehammer to the climate system.”

Truthout and I continue to focus on these stories. Yet we are also bringing attention to the victories against these systems that continue to occur, victories that remind us that a shift in consciousness is continuing. Just recently I reported on how farmers in El Salvador united to block Monsanto’s GMO corn seed from being allowed into their country alongside a US economic package.

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