Obama: The Guy Who Called Wolf

Obama is The Wolf Who Cried Boy.

Obama the Wolf: He’s proved over and over again that he’s a wolf.

If at this point you don’t agree, you are negligently naïve. Take a look at some of the facts: He was in office only a few days when he started the war in Afghanistan. Detainees in Guantanamo, who have been officially cleared for release, will die there. He said he ended torture, but prisoners are still being tortured by force-feeding. Black sites, where detainees are rendered, still exist. He stated the treatment of whistle-blower Chelsea Manning was appropriate, even though she was kept in solitary confinement, and severely mistreated for nine months before any charges were even brought against her. He has ordered the assassination of Americans and their children without even the pretext of due process (his due process is that he “thinks” about it.)

He meets every Tuesday morning with a secret group that decides whom to assassinate that week.

But he talks softly. Like Gusavo Fring, the drug dealer and ruthless mobster does in the TV miniseries, Breaking Bad. But like Gustavo, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing need secrecy. Secrecy is needed to make sure they are not exposed for what they are. That’s where the Boy comes in. The Boy’s name is Edward Snowden, and he spoiled everything.

The Boy: Snowden, a young idealist (most idealists are young – like Chelsea Manning or Julian Assange) knew that it was unconstitutional for the National Security Agency to spy on Americans without obtaining a warrant. He said it was his patriotic duty to call out the Wolf on this, and so he did.

When the Wolf was outed, he howled.

He howled so loud that the howl was heard around the world. The Germans and Spanish and Italians and French and even the English and others found out that they too were being spied on. “We thought we were friends!” they cried. They themselves began to howl… at Obama, whom they suddenly saw as a wolf who could not be trusted.

The Wolf Who Cried Boy: Obama used all his power to apprehend the Boy who outed him. He arranged for the plane of Evo Morales, the President of Boliva, to be brought down. He said it was helping the Boy to escape. The plane was searched – no Boy. Morales called what happened to him a disgrace; an “act of air piracy.”

Embarrassing to say the least!

He is paying billions of taxpayer dollars to more than a million private-contractor spies – you’d think he would have been more careful.

He howled some more.

He threatened anyone anywhere that he could.


But he couldn’t get him. He exhausted all his power – his NSA, his FBI, his CIA, and his millions of spy contractors – but still failed to apprehend the Boy – the Boy who outed him.

Which was even more embarrassing.

Since he couldn’t get the Boy, he’d force the world to forget him.


He said that he had secret inside information about an imminent attack on American embassies all over the world. To prove that he was serious, that this was not just a ploy to distract from the Boy problem, he ordered American embassies all over the world to be closed, and told the diplomats who lived there to flee.

As we know, no attacks by al-Qaida ever materialized.

But perhaps more importantly, both friends and enemies wondered why the armed forces of the United States of America, the so-called “most powerful country in the world” couldn’t protect its embassies and its people from a bunch of lunatics on camels who hate them.

When the Wolf realized that he had actually made America look stupid and weak with his embassy-closing/flee-the-country ploy, he went to plan B.

We are in the midst of plan B now:

He says that he is 100% positive (even though he has no hard evidence), that chemical weapons are being used by the Syrian government against other Syrians in a civil war in Syria. He says he knows because Syrian Islamist rebels, including al-Qaida (who are trying to depose Assad) said so.

“Assad must be held accountable,” he said. “I will use my cruise missiles to punish him.”


Why is it so important for him to “punish” Assad?

Only a small percentage of Americans think that it is America’s responsibility to shoot cruise missiles (which cost three million dollars each) at Syrian targets. Yet the Wolf in sheep’s clothing is sticking to his guns. He continues to bang loudly the drums of war.

The Syrian ploy seems to be working.

There is very little talk of the Boy now.