NOW | Has the Democratic Party Traded Principles for Power?

Has the Democratic Party abandoned support of reproductive rights? Next on “NOW.”

To gain their historic control of Congress, Democrats fielded moderate candidates who didn’t always follow the party line, especially when it came to abortion. Now that the Democratic Party has the legislative upper hand, are they willing to negotiate away reproductive rights for other political gains? On Friday, February 5, at 8:30 PM (check local listings), “NOW” goes to Allentown, Pennsylvania, to ask: Are abortion rights now in jeopardy at the very hands of the party that has historically protected them? Among those interviewed are pro-life Democratic US Rep. Bart Stupak and former DNC Chairman Howard Dean.

“If there was a bill on the floor to reverse Roe vs Wade, and says ‘life begins at conception,’ I would vote for it.” Congressman Stupak told “NOW.”

Jen Boulanger, director of the often-protested Allentown Women’s Center, said, “I would expect more from the Democratic Party, to stick to their ideals, not just throw us to the curb.”