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News in Brief: Rangel Found Guilty of 11 Ethics Violations, and More

Rangel Found Guilty of 11 Ethics Violations

Rangel Found Guilty of 11 Ethics Violations

The House ethics committee ruled that Rep. Charles Rangel (D-New York) had violated ethics rules on 11 of the 13 charges against him, The Wall Street Journal reports. Rangel was not present when the committee made its announcement after walking out of the hearing room yesterday. Among the charges of which he was found guilty were the improper use of Congressional staff and stationery and failure to accurately report his assets.

Key Republican Says Extension of Bush Tax Cuts Unlikely During Lame-Duck Session

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), the incoming chairman of the House Budget Committee, said that the passage of permanent Bush tax cut extensions is unlikely during Congress’ lame-duck session, according to The Hill. Instead, Ryan said, a one- or two-year extension should be pursued. Top Democrat and Republican figures have held opposing viewpoints on the issue, but White House senior adviser David Axelrod implied last week that President Obama could be open to compromise.

John McCain Says GOP Could Split in 2012

According to The Nation, John McCain predicted last week that the GOP may split into two parties “unless Republicans act in response to the American people.” In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, McCain speculated on the possibility of a new party by saying that GOP today is “on probation.”

One in Four Americans Gets Government Assistance for Food

ABC News reports that more than 17 million households had difficulty buying enough food for their families last year. The US Department of Agriculture estimated that nearly 50 million Americans, or 15 percent of US families, were “food insecure” and were “uncertain of having, or unable to acquire, enough food to meet the needs of all their family members.”