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News in Brief: Obama Promises New Jobs Aid, and More

Obama Promises New Jobs Aid

Obama Promises New Jobs Aid

Under pressure to revive the faltering economic recovery, President Obama has announced that, along with his economic team, he is considering “additional measures” to bolster growth and spur hiring. These will include “further tax cuts” to encourage businesses to create jobs. He also urged Republicans in the Senate to drop their “blockade” of a Democratic measure, which would help small businesses by cutting their taxes and giving them easier access to credit through a $30 billion loan fund, reported The Washington Post.

Army in Sudan Pledges to Stop Using Child Soldiers

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) has established a child protection unit to follow through with its pledge to demobilize all child soldiers within its ranks by the end of the year. The United Nations estimates that the Army has discharged more than 20,000 children, but still employs about 900, reported the BBC. According to William Deng, head of the south’s commission for disarmament, demobilization and reintegration, it is now the government’s responsibility to support and educate discharged child soldiers.

Public Workers Continue to Strike in South Africa

Schools and hospitals around South Africa remain closed as a two-week long strike by more than a million public sector workers continues amid attempts to renew reconciliation talks. President Jacob Zuma increased the government’s wage offer to a 7.5 percent wage increase, but it is still below the union demands of an 8.6 percent wage increase. Unions are expected to vote Tuesday night on whether to accept the compromise, the BBC reported.
US Hits North Korea With Tougher Sanctions

An executive order signed by President Obama Monday allows the State and Treasury Departments new authority to slap tough financial sanctions on any individuals or entities doing business with North Korea. The measure is specifically focused on individuals or groups that deal with money laundering, counterfeit goods and drug and weapons trafficking. “North Korea’s government helps maintain its authority by placating privileged elites with money and perks such as luxury goods like jewelry, luxury cars and yachts,” according to Stuart Levey, the Treasury Department under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, reported CNN.

Polls Show More Americans Believe in UFO’s Than Sarah Palin

People may turn out by the thousands to hear Sarah Palin speak, but the latest Vanity Fair poll shows that more Americans believe in UFO’s than believe Palin would be an effective commander in chief. A third of respondents believe alien spacecrafts are “likely to exist,” while only one in four has confidence in a Palin performance in the Oval Office. Even Republicans are split on the question, with 47 percent saying she would make a good president and 40 percent begging to differ.

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