Nelson Bill to Limit Abortions May Come to Vote Today

Sen. Ben Nelson’s antiabortion ammendment restricting access to abortion services for women who receive federal subsidies could come up for a vote today.

Janet Adamy and Greg Hitt, The Wall Street Journal report:

“Sen. Nelson plans to introduce an amendment that mirrors the tighter funding restrictions the House added to its health bill, based on a proposal by Rep. Bart Stupak (D., Mich.). The measure would prevent the public insurance plan from covering abortion. It would also prohibit any woman who got the tax credit from enrolling in a plan that covers the procedure….

Sen. Nelson has said he won’t vote for a bill that doesn’t include these restrictions. With no signs the measure will pass, Sen. Nelson said Friday that ‘we’re going to keep talking’ to reach a compromise on the issue. But his antiabortion allies say they won’t accept anything less than the Stupak language.”

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-Victoria Harper