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NAT GAS Act, Which Would Overhaul US Fueling Infrastructure, Moves Forward

On Thursday, the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee's Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures held a hearing on Energy Tax Policy and Tax Reform.

U.S. House Ways and Means Committee's Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures held a hearing on Energy Tax Policy and Tax Reform.

NAT GAS (New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions) Act.

self-enriching trifecta.” The bill currently possesses 183 bipartisan co-sponsors and until finally getting a hearing Friday, had sat in the Congressional coffers since early April.

sand mining for hydraulic fracturing occurs, to adolescence, when the actual hydraulic fracturing drilling process occurs, to adulthood, when it is held in compressor stations and contaminates air, to grave, when it is utilized in power plants and vehicles.

None of these concerns were addressed in the hearing, which honed in on a much narrow debate — the merits of giving tax subsidies to energy corporations, particularly as provided in the NAT GAS Act — leaving the environmental and ecological debate completely off the table. All five of the men invited to testify at the hearing had corporate backgrounds, and not a single testifier had a scientific background.

self-enriching trifecta,” Clean Energy Fuels (CEF) Corp., President and CEO, Andrew Littlefair.

Immediate Past Chair of Natural Gas Vehicles of America (NGVA). NGVA, which works in concert with CEF. As I revealed in an April article, NGVA is the suspected author of the NAT GAS Act.

Pickens Plant,” and is located in Willis, Texas, roughly 60 miles north of Houson.

BP Capital and CEF.

Charles Boustany (R-LA) and Richard Berg (R-ND). Between the two of them, in the past two election cycles, they received $314,111 in campaign contribution from the oil and gas industry, ranking second and third in campaign contributions raked in from those sectors in 2010, respectively.

7th Congressional District of Lousiana, is located in the southwest corner of Louisiana, home to Cheniere Energy, Inc., operator of the currently existing Sabine Pass LNG Terminal and the future Creole Pass LNG Terminal, both of which liquefy natural gas into a product that can be placed on the export market.

Pipe Dreams: What the Natural Gas Industry Doesn't Want You to Know About Fracking and Energy Independence,” Food and Water Watch wrote this of Cheniere:

Kuwait on the Prairie” in April. CNBC's Jim Cramer, host of the show “Mad Money,” has also taken notice, and hosted his show there in late-August.

initial sponsors; second, it gained scores of bipartisan co-sponsors; and now third, it has had a committee hearing. What's next? Following the money trail lends a hint.

?NAT GAS Act lobbying database shows that scores of corporations have lined up to lobby for or against the bill — 81, in total — with 62 of them lobbying in support of the bill's passage.

In modern American politics, money speaks, and the dirty gas industry is proving that again as we watch how this NAT GAS bill is progressing Inside The Beltway.

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