Manning and the War on Whistleblowers: Kevin Gosztola Breaks Down Week One of the Bradley Manning Trial

Acronym TV host Dennis Trainor, Jr interview journalist Kevin Gosztola to discuss the first week of the Bradley Manning trial.

“We have to be clear that the cables we not top secret documents,” Chris Hedges points out in a promotional video published by the Bradley Manning support network (shown in part here) and Matt Taibbi reminds us that “the whole concept of whistleblower law is that you can’t get in trouble for reporting about illegal or improper activity.”

Gosztola, the co-author of the book Truth & Consequences: The US vs. Bradley Manning, tells Trainor, Jr that the Manning trial ” I can not help but think that the US Government prosecutors are playing some sort of larger government role (…) they are really going hard to make it seem that Manning was working on behalf of WikiLeaks (…) they want the judge to find that WikiLeaks is acting not as a media organization but is a group intent on exfiltrating national security secrets out of the United States, because that can be used as ammunition to move forward with prosecutions against other individuals, like Julian Assange.”