Jason Leopold: “I’m Sorry My Government Tortured You …" (Radio Interview)

Editor's Note: We are happy to bring you our first Truthout collaboration with the Chicago-based radio station, Vocalo. In this segment of “The Story Behind the Story,” Vocalo's Sarah Lu conducts an in-depth interview with Truthout investigative reporter, Jason Leopold. Keep an eye, and an ear, out for more of these exciting collaborations in the future. -TO/sg


Over the course of an interview, journalist Jason Leopold found himself apologizing to David Hicks, one of Guantanamo's first detainees.

This is the story behind a story published by Truthout.org.

Press play to listen to the interview:

Press play to listen to the interview:

Produced by Sarah Lu with help from Nick van der Kolk.

Music by Christian Bjeorklund.

David Hicks' memoir, published by Random House, is called Guantanamo: My Journey.

Jason Leopold recounts his personal experiences in News Junkie, published by Process Books.

Thanks to Maya Schenwar and Sari Gelzer at Truthout.