Delegation of Lakota Elders Waiting to be Received by the UN Secretary General

A delegation of Lakota elders has travelled to the United Nations in New York City to deliver an official complaint of ongoing genocide against the United States government. The delegation is currently being rebuffed by The Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and high officials within the United Nations. The delegation and a group of supporters are currently waiting at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza directly across from the UN.

“When the UN was created, their mission was to stop the genocide of nations,” said a solemn Lakota grandmother, Charmaine Whiteface. “Why won’t they help us?” The delegation will be in New York City for the next day and a half, asking the Secretary General’s office to officially receive the genocide complaint.

“The UN always says that it sanctions people when genocide is committed. So whengenocide is committed in America, why can’t the UN sanction America for genocide?” said Canupa Gluha Mani, Lakota Warrior Head Member. Currently only 6000-8000 Lakota language speakers remain as a consequence of ongoing genocidal policies and practices. Experts give the Lakota people 20 to 30 years before they will cease to exist as a distinct and sovereign political, cultural and social nation.

Lakota delegation is currently on a twelve plus city tour to raise awareness and build international support to end the genocide of their people.