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Change Greece – Change Europe – Change4all!

A victory for Syriza will allow Greece to escape from the current catastrophic situation but it will also represent green shoots of change for Europe.

Syriza’s potential victory in the forthcoming elections in Greece is of the utmost importance for all those who want Europe to change course. Such a victory would be an expression of the demand for dignity and justice: for hope. The threats and pressure applied by EU leaders, the Troika and financial circles to influence the electoral choice of the Greek people are unacceptable.

Throughout Europe, we will defend the right of the Greek people to make their decisions freely; to break with austerity; to say ‘no’ to the humanitarian crisis which has plagued the country; to pave the way for a real alternative for Greece – for a social and democratic reorientation.

Most political forces in Greece bow down to the Troika, but Alexis Tsipras and Syriza decided to do the opposite. They have created, working closely with the social movements, a broad coalition whose dynamism may well win a majority. Syriza and its allies propose to fight back against the humanitarian crisis, to restore collective agreements and labour rights, to create a fair tax system and to democratise the political system. A Syriza government will make Greece a credible player and will make the survival of the country and the people a precondition at the outset of any negotiations. The government will commit the country to a new path, rejecting corruption and patronage, opting instead for a new type of development in the interests of all. It will propose a European Conference on Debt to partially cancel the debt. The reimbursement modalities for the remaining part can facilitate an economic recovery through a large public investment programme – which should not be included in the Stability and Growth Pact – and a response to urgent social needs. At European level, it will propose a European New Deal for human development and environmental transition. Throughout Europe, we need to break with the rationale which is destroying Europe’s collective social gains and fuelling the rise of nationalism and right-wing populism. We need a new project, based on inclusive development, cooperation and democracy.

Throughout Europe, we believe that such a change in Greece will not affect the future of the Greek people alone. A victory for Syriza will allow Greece to escape from the current catastrophic situation but it will also represent green shoots of change for Europe. Breaking with austerity policies would be a signal, a source of hope for those who want to stand tall. At the same time, if Syriza is voted into power, its government will need massive support from the people of Europe in the face of the pressures from the financial markets and political forces which fear any departure from the obsolete framework of capitalist globalisation.

Across society, from wide political and social forces, from many organisations and walks of life: we do not accept the pressure brought to bear to prevent the Greek people from exercising their free choice. Those exerting this pressure today share responsibility for the perpetuation of harmful ‘shock therapy’ at all costs.

Throughout Europe, we are assuming our responsibilities, supporting those engaged in struggle, changing the balance of power, waging the battle of ideas and uniting all those who want to build – alongside the Greek people – a social, environmental and democratic Europe. We stand with the Greek people because their battle is also ours.

Dino ABAZOVIC | Bosnia-Herzegovina | Sociologist – Open University

Nicola ACOCELLA | Italy | Professor of Economic Policy – La sapienza – University of Rome

Etienne ADAM | France | Trade unionist – Caen

Giorgio AGAMBEN | Italy | Philosopher

Christophe AGUITON | France | Social activist and trade unionistTariq ALI | United Kingdom | Writer

John ALLEN | United Kingdom | Professor Open University

Elmar ALTVATER | Germany | Economist – Scientific Council Attac Germany

Nacho ALVAREZ | Spain | Department of Applied Economics – University of Valladolid

Fernanda ANGIUS | Literary critic

Thémis APOSTOLIDIS | France | Professor, social-psychologist

Mariano ARAGONES GARCIA | Spain | Journalist

Daniele ARCHIBUGI | Italy | Research Director at the Italian National Research Council (CNR) – Rome

Stanley ARONOWITZ | United States | Distinguished Professor – Graduate Center, City University of New York

Arto ARTINIAN | United States | Assistant Professor of Social Science, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Gérard ASCHIERI | France | Trade unionist

Uri AVNERY | Israel | Activist and writer

Walter BAIER | Austria | Economist, coordinator Transform ! Europe

Gopal BALAKRISHNAN | United States | Associate Professor of History – University of California

Etienne BALIBAR | France | Emeritus Professor– Paris Nanterre

Josep BANYULS LLOPIS | Spain | Profesor Titular Universidad

Jean-Jacques BAREY | France | Acteur culturelAlfredo BARROSO | Portugal | Journalist, former head of the presidential house

Marija BARTL | Netherlands | Assistant Professor – Law Faculty – University of Amsterdam

Bernd BELINA | Germany | Professor of geography – Goethe University – Frankfurt

Matyas BENYIK | Hungary | Chairman, ATTAC Hungary

Charles BERNSTEIN | United States | Donald T. Regan Professor of English and Comparative Literature – university of Pennsylvania

Jacques BIDET | France | Philosophe – emeritus professor – university of Paris Ouest Nanterre

Andreas BIELER | United Kingdom | Professor of Political Economy –School of Politics and International Relations – University of Nottingham

Franco Berardi BIFO | Italy | Philosopher

Jean BIGOT | France | Film Producer

Frédéric BOCCARA | France | Lecturer of Economics at the University Paris 13

Gerhard BOCK | Germany

Raffaella BOLLINI | Italy | L’Altra Europa con Tsipras

Sergio BOLOGNA | Italy | SociologistHermann BOMER | Germany | Technical University of Dortmund

Nicole BORVO | France | Honorary senaorPaul BOVE | United States | Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh

Einar BRAATHEN | Norway | Political scientist

Jean-Claude BRANCHEREAU | France | Trade unionist and socialist

Ulrich BRAND | Austria/Germany | Political Scientist

Trautl BRANDSTALLER | Austria | Journalist

Rony BRAUMAN | France | Doctor, publicist

Brid BRENNAN | Ireland | TNI’s Alternative Regionalisms Programme Coordinator.

Ulrike BRETH | Deutschland | Institut Solidarische Moderne e.V.

Patrick BRODY | France | Trade unionist

Harry BROWNE | Ireland | Writer and lecturer in Dublin Institute of Technology

Jean BRUNACCI | France | Syndicaliste – secrétaire de l’Union régionale Solidaires des pays de la Loire

Ray BUSH | United Kingdom | Professor of African studies and development politics – University of Leeds

Judith BUTLER | United States | Maxine Elliot Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature and the Program of Critical Theory – University of California, Berkeley

Christoph BUTTERWEGGE | Germany | Professor – University of Köln

Nadezda CACINOVIC | Croatia | Philosopher – University of Zagreb

Gisèle CAILLOUX | France | Commission économique – PCF

Ankica AKARDI | Croatia | University of Zagreb

Jean-Yves CAMUS | France | Political Scientist

Mario CANDEIAS | Germany | Political Scientist – Direktor des Institus fur Gesellschaftsanalyse – Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Berlin

Philip CASEY | Ireland | Poet and Novelist

Matthew CAYGILL | United Kingdom | School of Cultural Studies & Humanities, Leeds Beckett University

Gayatri CHAKRAVORTY SPIVAK | United States | University Professor in the Humanities – Columbia University

Vincent CHARBONNIER | France | Teacher and doctorand in philosophy

Vivek CHIBBER | United States | Professor of Sociology – Center of Advanced Social Science Research – New.York.University

Noam CHOMSKY | United States | MIT

Sarah CLANCY | Ireland | Poet

John P. CLARK | United States | Emeritus professor of philosophy – loyola University – New Orleans

Patrice COHEN-SEAT | France | President of Espaces Marx

Gabriel COLLETIS | France | Professor of economy – Toulouse 1 –Capitole

Benjamin CORIAT | France | Professor of economy – University Paris13 – Sorbonne Cité

Enrique CORREA CATALA | SpainAnnick COUPE | France | Trade unioist

Pierre COURS-SALIES | France | Sociologist – professor University Paris 8Thomas COUTROT | France | Speaker Attac

Denys CROLOTTE | France | Lecturer in ecucation

Michael CRONIN | Ireland | Professor – Centre for Translation and Textual Studies SALIS – Dublin City University

Alexis CUKIER | France | Philosopher

Rolf CZESKLEBA-DUPONT | Danmark | Lecturer social science Roskilde University

CLARE DALY | Ireland | Member of the Irish Parliament

Lieven DE CAUTER | Belgium | Philosopher-writer – University of Leuven – Brussels

Herman DE LEY | Belgium | Emeritus professor Ghent University

Jan De VRIES | Germany | Trade union secretary – Hannover

Raymond DEANE | Ireland | Composer, author, political activist

Marc DELEPOUVE | France | Academic and trade unioistJudith DELHEIM | Germany | Senior fellow Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Pilar DEL RIO | Portugal | Journalist and head of the Saramago Foundation

Alex DEMIROVIC | Germany | Apl Professor, Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main

Frank DEPPE | Germany | Professor Political Sciences

Richard DETJE | Germany | WISSENtransfer

Pat DEVINE | United Kingdom | University of Manchester

France DI GIUSTO | France | Retraitée – CNRS

Claude DIDRY | France | Chercheur au CNRS

John DOUGLAS | Ireland | President of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions

Costas DOUZINAS | United Kingdom | Birkbeck Institute for humanities

Bernard DREANO | France | President of the French section of the Helsinki Citizens Assembly

Jean-Michel DREVON | France | Trade unionist

Véronique DUBARRY | France | Assistent to the mayor of IIle-Saint-Denis – EELV

Jean-Pierre DUBOIS | France | Activist of the Humann Rights Ligue

Jean-Numa DUCANGE | France | Historian – University of Rouen

Ulrich DUCHROW | Germany | Professor – Heidelberg

Denis DURAND | France | Trade unionist – Banque de France

Wlodzimierz DYMARSKI | Poland | Poznan University of Economics

Gary DYMSKI | United Kingdom | Professor of applied economics – Leeds University Business School

Matthias EBERNAU | Germany | Trade union official

Stuart ELDEN | United Kingdom | Professor of Political Theory and Geography, University of Warwick

Philippe ENCLOS | France | Teacher and researcher of law

Trevor EVANS | Germany | professor of economy, EuroMemo group

Anne EYDOUX | France | Economist

Richard FALK | United States ] Princeton

Sarah FARRIS | United Kingdom | Goldsmiths College, University of London

Jean-luc FAUGUET | France | Universitaire-sociologist


Gerard FILOCHE | France | member of the national executive board of the socialist party

Andreas FISAHN | Germany | Professor of public law, University of Bielefeld

Jörg FLECKER | Austria | Professor of Sociology

Teresa FORCADES | Spain | Monestir Sant Benet Montserrat

Frances FOX PIVEN | United States | Graduate School – City University of New York

Carlos FRADE | United Kingdom | Senior Lecturer in Sociology – University of Salford-Manchester

Elena FRANGAKIS-SYRETT | United States | Professor of Economic History – Queens College and the Graduate Center – City University of New York

Adeline FRENZEL | Germany | Student

Daniel FRIEDRICH | Germany | Union secretary

Bernard FRIOT | France | Economistist and sociologist

Maryse GADREAU | France | Professor emerituseur – university of Bourgogne

Jean GADREY | France | Professor of economy

James K. GALBRAIGHT | United States | Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr. Chair in Government/Business relations – University of Texas – Austin

Dan GALLIN | Switzerland | Global Labour Institute, Geneva

Manuel GARCIA ALGARRA | Spain | Spokesperson of the social list group in the local council of Massalfassar

Isabelle GARO | France | Teacher and activist of the Front de Gauche

Adriana GARRIGA-LOPEZ | United States | Poet, anthropologist

Sabine GATZ | Germany | Union Secretary

Elisabeth GAUTHIER | France | Transform ! Europe/Espaces Marx

Didier GELOT | France | Economist

Jacques GENEREUX | France | Professor – Institut of political stuidies, Paris

Susan GEORGE | France | Writer, Honorary president of ATTAC

Henry GIROUX | Canada | Chair for Scholarship in the public Interest – Mc Master University, Hamilton, Ontario

Sérgio GODINHO | Portugal | SingerRoland GORI | France | Appel des appels

John GRAHL | United Kingdom | Middlesex University Business School

Penny GREEN | United Kingdom | St. Mary’s College – University of London

Edith GROßPIETSCH | Germany

Adoracion GUAMAN HERNANDEZ | Spain | Professor of labour law

Gérard GUERIN | France | Agronomist

Laura GUNTHER | Germany | StudentKenneth HAAR | Danmark | Researcher

Fabienne HALOUI | France | Regional counceler, PCF, Front de Gauche

Michael HARDT | United States | Duke University

Marta HARNECKER | Chile | Author and popular educator

Jean-Marie HARRIBEY | France | Economists, University of Bordeaux

Martin HARRIES | United States | Professor, University of california – Irvine

David HARVEY | United States | Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography

Keller HEINRICH | Austria | LawyerArne HEISE | Germany | Professor of economics – Hamburg University

Gottfried HELNWEIN | Austria | Painter

Peter HERRMANN | Hungary | Corvinus University – Faculty of Economics – Department of World Economy – Budapest,

Miloslav HETTES | Slowakei | Asst Professor – lecturer

Ted HONDERICH | United Kingdom | Emeritus Professor – philosophy of mind and logic – University College London

Laura HORN | Danmark | Roskilde UniversitySrecko HORVAT | Croatia | philosopher

Kate HUDSON | United Kingdom | Visiting Fellow at London South Bank University

Paul HUDSON | Germany | University Wittemburg-Halle

Ray HUDSON | United Kingdom | Professor of geography and acting cancelor –University of Durham

Wang HUI | China | Tsingshua University

Johannes JÄGER | Austria | Economist

Bob JESSOP | United Kingdom | Distinguished Professor of Sociology –University of Lancaster

Inger V. JOHANSEN | Danmark | transform!danmark

Christian JUHL | Danmark | Member of parliamentArni Daniel JULIUSSON | Iceland | ATTAC IcelandClaudine KAHANE | France | Trade unionist

Kerstin KAISER | Germany | Member of the state parliament of Brandenburg – Die LINKEUte KALBITZER | Germany | Board member of Institut für Solidarische Moderne

Mary KALDOR | United Kingdom | Professor of Global Governance – London School of Economics and Political Science

Andreas KALYVAS | United States | Associate Professor and Chair Department of Politics – New School for Social Research and the Eugene Lang College

Piotr KAWIORSKI | Poland

Danièle KERGOAT | France | Honorary research director of CNRS

Fabian KESSL | Germany | University Duisburg-Essen,

Razmig KEUCHEYAN | France | Sociologist, University Paris – Sorbonne – Paris 4

Pierre KHALFA | France | Co-president of Copernic-Foundation

Johann KRESNIK | Choreographer and theater director

Gregor KRITIDIS | Germany | Historian

Kalle KUNKEL | Germany | Union Secretary


Jean-Marc LACHAUD | France | Philosopher-Professor at the University Paris-Panthéon-Sorbonne

Xavier LAMBERT | France | University Professor

Dany LANG | France | Maitre de conférences – Université Paris 13 – Sorbonne Cité

Stéphane LAVIGNOTTE | France | Pastor, president of ésident du Christianisme social

Kristin LAWLER | United States | College of Mount Saint Vincent, New York City

Mary N. LAYOUN | United States | Professor – Comperative literature – University of Wisconsin

MAURIZIO LAZARRATO | France | Philosopher

Manon LE BRETTON | France | Teacher, Trade unionist, Parti de Gauche

Jeremy LEAMAN | United Kingdom | Senior lecturer in European Political Economy – Loughborough University

Frédéric LEBARON | France | Sociologist

Michael A LEBOWITZ | Canada | Emeritus Professor of economics – Simon Fraser University

Philippe LEGE | France | Economist

Steffen LEHNDORFF | Germany | University of Duisburg

Sabine LEIDIG | Germany | Member of the parliament, Die LINKE

Ken LOACH | United Kingdom | Filmmaker

Olivier LONG | France | Painter and teacher, Paris 1 Sorbonne

SERGIO LOPES | Portugal | Professor

Isabelle LORAND | France | Surgeon

Gérard LORRAIN | France | University teacher

Peter LOTHAR | Germany | Professor em. University Bremen

Francisco LOUÇÃ | Portugal | University Teacher of ISEG

Michael LOWY | France | Sociologist and philosopher

Birgit MAHNKOPF | Germany | Economist University Berlin

Pascal MAILLARD | France | Professor Université de Strasbourg – responsable SNESUP-FSU

Christian MARAZZI | Switzerland | Scualo universitaria professionale

Susan MARKS | United Kingdom | Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science

Philippe MARLIERE | United Kingdom | Professor of politicak Sciences

Jochen MARQUARDT | Germany | DGBRoger MARTELLI | France | Historian

Guy MARTIN | France | geographer

Carlos MARTINEZ | Spain | Alternativa Socialista

Doreen MASSEY | United Kingdom | Emeritus professor of geography – Open University

Gus MASSIAH | France | Altermondialiste

Ignazio MASULLI | Italy | Professor of History of Labour – University of Bologna

Gérard MAUGER | France | Sociologuist

Margit MAYER | Germany | Emeritus Professor of sociology, Berlin

Philippe MAZEREAU | France | LecturerNiamh Mc CREA | Ireland | ATTAC Ireland

Meredith L. McGILL | United States | Associate Professor of English – Rutgers University – New jersey

Alessandra MECOZZI | Italy | Union and altermondialist activistDominique MEDA | France | Sociologist

Mahmoud MESKOUB | Netherlands | Senior Lecturer International Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University of Rotterdam)

Sandro MEZZADRA | Italy | Associate Professor of Political Theory, University of Bologna

Jo MICHELL | United Kingdom | Senior Lecturer in Economics – University of West England – Bristol

Rastko MO?NIK | SIovenia | University of Ljubljana

Serge MONCHAUD | France | Professor emeritus

Nuno MONIZ | Portugal | cul:tra

Gilles MONSILLON | France | Environmental activist, Ensemble

Gérard MORDILLAT | France | Novelist and filmmaker

Roberto MOREA | Italy | Transform ! italia

Kevin MORGAN | United Kingdom | Professor of Geography – Cardiff University

Luisa MORGANTINI | Italy | Former Member of the European Parliament.

Judith MORVA | Hungary | Economist

Lilja MOSESSDOTTIR | Norway | Former MPof Iceland and Senior researcher – Moss – Norway

Chantal MOUFFE | United Kingdom | Professor of political theory – University of Westminster – London

Clara MOURA LOURENCO | Portugal | Professor, activist of the Citizen movement for Coimbra

Aamir MUFTI | United States | Associate Professor – Department of Comparative Literature Department – University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)

Karma NABULSI | United Kingdom | Professor of Politics and International Relations – Oxford University

Corinne NATIVEL | France | Teacher and researcher University Paris-Est Créteil

Wolfgang NEEF | Germany

Antonio NEGRI | Italy | philosopher

Armand NEJADE | France | Researcher

Marc NEVEU | France | Trade unioist-professor, University of Bourgogne

ANDREJ NIKOLAIDIS | Montenegro | Writer

Pierre NOEL | France | Trade unioist

Sam NOLAN | Ireland | Secretary of Dublin Council of Trade Union

Andreas NOVY | Austria | University Professor

Ronan O’BRIEN | Belgium | Independent researcher – Brussels

Fabienne ORSI | France | Economist

David PALUMBIO-LIU | United States | Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor, professor of comparative Literature – Stanford University

Leo V. PANITCH | Canada | Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science – York University, Member of Royal Society of Canada

Ian PARKER | United Kingdom | Professor of Management – University of Leicester

Andrew PARKER | United States | Rutgers University


Heiki PATOMAKI | Finland | Professor of World Politics

José Luís PEIXOTO | Portugal | Writer

Roland PFEFFERKORN | France | Professeur – Strasbourg

Mario PIANTA | Italy | Economist, University of Urbino

Klaus PICKSHAUS | Germany | Publicist and trade unionist

Christian PILICHOWSKY | France | Trade unionistEugénia PIRES | Portugal | Economist-doctorand at the school of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

Nicoletta PIROTTA | Italy | Member of Feminists for Another Europe

Dominique PLIHON | France | Economist, Scientific council of ATTAC

Viggo PLUM | Denmark | Professor Roskilde University

Robert POLLIN | United States| Professor of Economics University of Mass at Amherst

Nina POWER | United Kingdom | University of RoehamptonMiroslav PROKESCH | Czech Republic | Alliance of Labour and Solidarity,

Daniel PUERTO GARCIA | France | Laboratory lasers plasmas et photonic processes (LP3), CNRS and University of the Mediterranean, Marseille

Christophe RAMAUX | France | Economist, UniversityParis I

Sabine REINER | Germany | Trade union secretary, Verdi

Sebastian RIOUX | Canada | Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Geography The University of British Columbia

Jean-François ROBBIC | France | Artist/University Professor

Bruce ROBBINS | United States | Old Dominion Foundation – professor in the humanities – Philosophy Hall – Columbia University, NY

Helena ROSETA | Portugal

Philippe ROUSSEAU | France | Professor emeritus of Greek language and literature, University Charles de Gaulle – Lille 3 – honorary président of the university (2000-2005)

Wermer RUGEMER | Germany | Publicist, lecturer – university of Koln

Carlos RUIZ ESCUDERO | Spain

Thomas SABLOWSKI | Germany | Social scientist, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Nina SANKARI | Poland | Feminists for Another Europe

Saskia SASSEN | United States | Columbia University

Thomas SAUER | Germany | Professor of Economics Ernst-Abbe University of Applied Sciences – Jena

Constantin SAYEGH | Switzerland | Doctor

Andrew SAYER | United Kingdom | Emeritus Professor – Lancaster University

Michael SCHARANG | Austria | Writer

Sebastian SCHIPPER | Germany | University – Weimar

Horst SCHMITTHENNER | Germany | IG Metall

Hannelore SCHMITTHENNER-BOPP | Germany | IG Metall

Herbert SCHUI | Germany | Economist, professur Emerit

Stephan SCHULMEISTER | Austria | Economist

Ursula SCHUMM-GARLING | Germany | Professor – member of SOSTv.E.

Jürgen SCHWIERS | Germany | Union Secretary, ver.di

Cristina SEMBLANO | France | Economist – University of Paris IV – Sorbonne

Jane SHALLICE | United Kingdom | Educator – Activist – Member of the British Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles – Stop the War Coalition

Helena SHEEHAN | Ireland | Emeritus Professor – Dublin City University

Stuart SHIELDS | United Kingdom | University of Manchester

Solange SIDEIRA | France | Member of the Feminists for another Europe

Irene SILVERBLATT | United States | Director of Undergraduate Studies, Cultural Anthropology – Duke University – Durham

Makis SOLOMOS | France | Professor, University Paris 8

Armando F. STEINKO | Spain | Sociologist – University Computensia Madrid

Henri STERDYNIAK | France | Co-faciliator of the Economistes Atterrés

Bernard STIEGLER | France | Philosopher

Igor STIKS | Scotland | Edinburgh University

Marlene STREERUWITZ | Austria | Writer

Alexandra STRICKNER | Austria | Economist

Erik SWYNDEDOUW | United Kingdom | Professor of Geography – School of Environment and Development-Manchester University

Jean-Michel TARRIN | France | Activist of ensemble 92

Jacques TESTART | France | Biologist

Peter D. THOMAS | United Kingdom | Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics, History & the Brunel Law School

Eric THOUZEAU | France | Regional counceler (Pays de Loire), socialist

Henrik TOFT JENSEN | Denmark | Professor and former vice rector Roskilde University

Daniel TONDEUR | France | Research director – emeritus.

Jan TOPOROWSKI | United Kingdom | Professor of Economics and Finance, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Alberto TOSCANO | United Kingdom | Reader in Critical Theory Department of Sociology-Goldsmiths – University of London

André TOSEL | France | Philosopher

Eric TOUSSAINT | Belgium | Spokesperson CADTM international – Liege

Enzo TRAVERSO | United States | Cornell University

Aurélie TROUVE | France | Altermondialist

Sol TRUMBO VILA | Spain | Economic Justice, Corporate Power and Alternatives Program, Transnational Institute (TNI)

Raymond VACHERON | France | Syndicaliste et socialiste

Felipe VAN KEIRSBILCK | Belgium | Altersummi

tEleni VARIKAS | France | Professor emeritus – University Paris 8

Marie-Christine VERGIAT | France | Députée Européenne GUE-NGL

Marie-Dominique VERNHES | Germany | ATTAC Germany

Eva VÖLPEL | Germany | Press officer of federal board ver.di

Hilary WAINWRIGHT | United Kingdom | Co-editor, Red Pepper, Fellow, Transnational Institute

Wiliam WALL | Ireland | Writer

Mick WALLACE | Ireland | Member of the Irish Parliament

Immanuel WALLERSTEIN | US/France | Social scientist and social historian

Louis WEBER | France | Revue Savoir/Agir

Ruth WODAK | United Kingdom | Professor – University of Lancaster

Frieder Otto WOLF | Germany | Faculty member – Institut für Philosophie Department – Freie Universität Berlin

Richard D. WOLFF | United States | Emeritus Professor – economics – University of Massachusets

Santiago ZABALA | Spain | ICREA, Pompue Fabra University, Barcelone

Karim ZAHIDI | Belgium | Dept. of Philosophy, University of Antwerp

Jean ZIEGLER | Switzerland | Sociologist, former member of the UN Human Rights Council

Slavoj ZIZEK | United Kingdom | Birkbeck Institute for humanities

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