Audacity of Dope? Yes We Scan?

This president has become a tragic figure, more so every day with each new revelation of how far the surveillance state has been developed and implemented under his watch. And how far they will go — detaining the partner of reporter Glen Greenwald, investigating other reporters, smashing the hard drives of a leading newspaper — to intimidate journalists and editors trying to report on it. Big Brother is watching, and cracking down on those who want to reveal the King’s secrets. The U.S. even has bugged European Union offices — supposedly our allies — and world leaders at international conferences of the G-20.

The Obama administration has become a virulent threat to democracy. When even a former president, Jimmy Carter, says “America has no functioning democracy at this moment,” you know things have deteriorated dramatically. The specter of a Democratic president like Obama implementing the security agenda of Dick Cheney and Ronald Reagan’s former NSA chief Admiral John Poindexter is troubling in the extreme.

President Obummer says he’s protecting us, but who’s going to protect us from HIM? Will this song put me on some “watch list” somewhere, Mr. Precedent? I really do wonder…

Have I implicated any of you by sending you this email (given the NSA admission that they extend surveillance to “three-hops” — friends of friends of friends – millions from a single target)?

We have to speak out in whatever ways we can. Thus, this song “President Obummer” — dedicated to the whistleblower Edward Snowden, the Tom Paine of our times. Our country and all true patriots salute you.

To President Obummer – “We will be the stone inside your shoe.”