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Afraid, Apathetic, Indifferent and Hypocritical

Obama is not the fulfilled promise of a better future for Blacks or anyone else, except those most depraved and spiritually decayed.

In America, everyone has a right to be and to be a part of, because every American matters, at least in theory—whether glorified or vilified—we all have civil rights—with each person respectfully deserving a place to express and be who they truly are, even if that place is in an asylum for sociopathic liars and the criminally insane.

Think: Condoleezza Rice, James Clapper, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Henry Paulson, and a growing list of others whose heinous transgressions are well documented and on the public record, including Barack Obama.

It is what it is, so why then deny what is—covering up and keeping secret the unethical and unlawful actions of certain leaders, because of some superficial affinity—doing so with the rationalization to oneself that it benefits the nation to hide the truth in certain circumstance?

This rhetorical question can be asked particularly to those who brazenly denounced Bush/Cheney, including, of course, an overwhelming majority of African-Americans and their White liberal allies who, notwithstanding, continue to ignore, minimize, deny or otherwise justify and explain away the same deceit and criminality of President Obama and his accomplices in the judiciary, congress, military and corporate worlds—a conspiracy of power brokers President Eisenhower gave nomenclature the military industrialist complex some 50+ years ago.

Fast forward to just 6 years ago, when this nation had a most formidable anti-war movement; providing plenty of resistance to the military industrialist complex. Yet, when was the last time a major anti-war protest surrounded and flooded the streets of Washington D.C.?

The wars and occupations that were happening then continue now, but what happened to the movement. Where did it go?

Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin knows why and when things changed, telling journalist Paul Jay in a Real News podcast that “Obama sucked the steam out of the anti-war movement.”

Benjamin is author of the book, Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, and here’s some excerpts of what she said in the podcast with Jay:

And so the steam was just taken out of the whole movement… there were eight times, during the Bush administration, that we got over 100,000 people…[w]hen Obama started to gain steam as a candidate, those started fizzling out. And when he won the election, we had half the numbers of people we had before on our mailing list. And most of the groups started to disintegrate.

I drank the Kool-Aid myself, in the sense that I voted for Obama the first time around…I drank the Kool-Aid in that I was very, very anxious to vote for somebody who was going to win and have somebody who was going to be an alternative to those eight horrible years of Bush.

[I]n the first years of Obama, people got very angry at us and say, how could you be criticizing Obama? How could you be protesting what Obama’s doing?

And then, over the years, we’ve started to grow again, because people have seen that Obama is just continuing so many of the policies of the Bush administration.

And sure there are people who–lots of people who will continue to defend Obama’s foreign policy and try to make it as very differentiated from the Bush years, but we don’t do that.

But we certainly and unfortunately can’t get tens of thousands of people out anymore. We’re lucky if we can get 1,000 people out.

Another cruel Obama irony to observe is the current excitement and clamor to raise the minimum [slave] wage to $10 an hour, when according to economist and Massachusetts senator, Elizabeth Warren, it should actually be more than twice that; adjusted for inflation.

Obama is attempting to hack away at Social Security. And let’s not forget that Obama continues to operate that concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Who really knows the depth of all the horror happening in our names in that evil place, but one thing known for sure is that Obama could close that antithetical monstrosity-of-democracy any time he wants with the stroke of a pen. Yet, he has not.

Slavery, torture and concentration camps were bad for Blacks and Jews, but apparently it’s good for plenty of Arab men.

And oh yes, let’s not forget that the highest ranking officials of the Bush administration continue to roam free, when all the world knows of the tyranny let loose by that cabal of despotic war criminals.

Obama could do something about that, too, but he has not. And he has not, because his supporters have not forced him to.

Is it because Obama supporters are so committed to political correctness and within a framework of arrogant ignorance delude themselves with a perverse sense of righteousness and rectification that further cripples our ailing democracy and renders truth absolutely obsolete?

Is it because the possibility of anything better cannot be seen? And when one sees the criminality of Donald Rumsfeld and Karl Rove, but denies that same criminality carried out by Obama and his cronies: who’s the real hypocrite?

It is the same smug miserable pride as the Bush/Cheney crew held high, and in co-opting that zombie consciousness the Obamaphiles have thus chosen an already decayed and debunked path of blind allegiance, which now threatens to totally deadened said supporters ability to imagine or see anything else other than the disastrous policies of the criminal elite who rule from the foul sewers of their sick minds, and channel robustly through their current chief spokesperson, Barack Obama, who reliably and so expertly delivers the most nauseating socio-economic poisons; using his own hand-crafted intoxicating brew of soul numbing oration to keep his flock of perpetually awe-struck worshipers in submission.

What’s it all for: to protect Obama, or to protect a collective apathy; false cheerfulness and depressing acceptance of banality that attempts to conceal a desperation so clutching one dare not mention it out loud? Though when Obama gloats that he’s “really good at killing people,” should there be any doubt left as to who this man really is?

Fortunately the proverbial cat hasn’t gotten everyone’s tongue, with then National Security correspondent for The Nation magazine, Jeremy Scahill, who now reports for First Look Media, saying that Obama will “go down in history as the president who legitimized and systematized a process by which the United States asserts the right to conduct assassination operations around the world.”

Obama’s way of doing things has manifested a human rights death machine and soul-sucking, corporate gravy train that must be stopped. And in spite of any implied conventional wisdom, Obama is not the fulfilled promise of a better future for Blacks or anyone else, except those most depraved and spiritually decayed. He’s a horrific lark, an imperialistic liar, a hegemonic murderer, a demonic Trojan horse, a grand deceiver, a wretched curse; an unscrupulous smooth operator with no intention of ever giving one rat’s ass about you and I, because among so many other corrupt Bush/Reagan/Cheney ideals he’s so artfully enshrined, the man holds his own “divine right” above and beyond the core values of democracy and the very people he was elected to serve.

With the civil rights movement in the rather recent past, uplifting the poor and disenfranchised through non-violent social change was the most revered concept for African Americans and white liberals, alike. Where did that notion go, and how wise is it to continue squandering the immeasurable power of speaking truth to power—denying one’s individual and collective power in order to prop up the Obama socio-political illusion?

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