The Port Huron Statement Today

Paul Buhle and Gary Dumm created this comic for high school students in New York City in connection with a New York University program around the fiftieth anniversary of the Port Huron statement. You can hear Tom Hayden reflect on the Port Huron statement then and now for an adult audience here, see him here or read more about the intellectual influence of C. Wright Mills on both Hayden and Occupy here and here. And here’s what Tom Hayden had to say about Buhle and Dumm’s strip:

“When I was an adolescent fan of Mad Magazine, I couldn’t imagine being depicted in a comic book fifty years later, certainly not a political one. But the historian Paul Buhle is a master story-teller and has done a very authentic job with his new comic on Port Huron and participatory democracy. It’s not as great as his book on Robin Hood, but then Robin Hood was far greater than the New Left! I hope it’s widely circulated.”

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