Rev. Jesse Jackson on Taxing the Rich, Occupy Wall Street Protest and Palestinian Statehood (2)

On Monday, President Obama proposed a new tax on millionaires as part of his plan to close the deficit and responded to opponents who have labeled his plan “class warfare.” Republicans have vowed to defeat the tax, even as one in six Americans live in poverty. We speak with Rev. Jesse Jackson about how Obama’s plan also includes cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. “I would think, before we end up at that conclusion, we must go after where the money—where is the money?” Jackson says. “The money is in the four wars. The money is in corporations not paying their share of taxes. The money is in the banks.” Jackson says he supports the “Occupy Wall Street” protests underway now in New York City. He also discusses the pending call by Ralph Nader for a primary challenger to Obama and the pending United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood.