Truthout is pleased to post weekly short videos for middle school-aged kids – and everyone else – about climate change and its effects. “The Green Ninja,” a character created by a climate scientist and his team, provides a way to help us grasp the intricacies of climate change and learn what we personally can do to become involved in fighting it. See additional details about the series or head straight to this week’s episode, “Bike Party.”

A gaggle of Green Ninjas show how they feel about saving the world by riding in a bike party around San Jose, CA. With the catchiest of music and the power of conservation, the party gathered people from all around to enjoy this fantastic social event!

While this video may have some silly lyrics and entertaining dancing, there is a real message behind it all. Riding a bicycle is good for you and good for the planet.

Riding bikes is a very special activity. Not only is it loads of fun, but it also can be a great social experience! Some of the reasons people love riding bikes:

• It is good exercise, keeping your legs and core muscles toned while helping maintain cardiovascular health.

• Riding a bicycle can be social experience, helping you meet new people who also bike.

• Being part of a bike party lets you get fresh air and have fun, which can be mentally refreshing and invigorating. Riding your bike alone or in a bike party not only helps you feel fantastic, but it also benefits the environment:

• Because bicycles release no emissions, they do not use fossil fuels so they release zero carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

• Riding a bike is one of the most efficient transportation methods available to the general public, so your energy is never wasted.

• Bike parties reduce the total amount of people driving at the time, meaning less CO2 emissions are released the longer the party goes on!

Start Pedaling!