As Trump Moves to Advance Dakota Access Pipeline, Al Gore Calls DAPL “an Atrocity”

President Trump is set to sign two executive actions today to advance construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, two projects blocked by the Obama administration. On Monday Democracy Now! spoke with Al Gore about the Dakota Access Pipeline.


AMY GOODMAN: I also asked him about the Dakota Access pipeline, as Standing Rock Sioux Chair Dave Archambault was in the audience.

AL GORE: I’ve spoken out many times in support of Chairman Archambault and the Standing Rock Sioux tribal movement. I think it’s — I’ve publicly labeled it an atrocity. And I do think that, as Heather said, this is a moment that is filled with possibilities for raising awareness. And I’m — the short story is, I am against it.

AMY GOODMAN: That was Al Gore speaking Sunday here at the Sundance Film Festival in Park city, Utah. Well, on Monday, water protectors walked down Main Street and linked arms to block the entrance to a Chase Bank lounge in order to protest the connection of one of the festival’s leading sponsors to investment in the Dakota Access pipeline. They were joined by actor and activist Shailene Woodley and two filmmakers, whose Viceland series Rise, about indigenous resistance, is playing at the film festival.

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