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Scott Sanders

Scott Sanders co-founded a number of media activist organizations, led efforts to constitute public community media centers with member elected boards and to increase diversity on nonelected public media boards. He also led campaigns resulting in the only FCC fine of a major public TV station concerning commercialism. He is a video documentarian, a periodicals and technology librarian producing research for MMTC, MAP and the University of Chicago and author of articles for Z magazine, FAIR Extra!, and a number of daily newspapers.

James Owens is an organizer, media coordinator and researcher active in movements against war and for housing and human rights. He produced master’s thesis research on the racial and economic politics of professional journalism, and authored numerous research articles including ‘Chicago Tonight: Elites, Affluence, and Advertising’ (FAIR Extra!), ‘Mumia Abu-Jamal: The ABC Hatchet Job’ (CovertAction Quarterly)), and co-authored ‘Journalism’ for the International Encyclopedia of Communication. He also co-founded peace and media organizations, including Chicago Media Action.