The Deeper Lessons of the U.S. Presidential Election

So for a while the political placards will no longer litter our streets and lawns. The commercials on TV and radio will for awhile be devoid of political commercial lies. And we won’t have to listen to often disingenuous banter between candidates, or watch them pander shamelessly to those they may not care a whit about but for their votes.

So what of value might we learn from the elections in America?

I have a rather unique set of answers for you. If you are operating out of your head, you will not get this. Operating out of our heads has gotten this world into the mess that it is in. So if the head is what you let guide your thoughts and actions, your world is a lot more likely to keep getting messier and messier.

The heart will let you get the truth about this if you pay attention to its’ guidance.

Its’ not so much a matter of what is right and what is wrong. It is a matter of what works and what does not.

And we may soon actually get the lesson that is crucial to the survival and the thriving of this planet we are stewarding.

Some will say that the only valuable lessons are those that help you navigate the world with more financial success, possession, control, happiness, frequent exhiliration,release or avoidance of pain. The head-ruled make it all about what we can get from life and from others.

Could it be that the most important lessons we get are spiritual in nature? Could that be the most effective way in which we can look at all the insane happenings in politics, financial systems, wars and all worldly conflict? Are we willing to see the truly Big Picture?

It doesn’t amaze me like it has in the past that I see some things in a very clear way about what is going on in our world that almost everybody just seems to refuse to see. Most of these are very obvious to me, yet most folks just do not want to see it. For them, the truth is too painful to admit.

When I express to others what I am about to express to you, they look at me like I must be from a different planet. I am not at all sure that they are incorrect, since I have rarely felt at home in this very strange world..

So what I see as a supremely important facet of our collective move into harmony in this world is to understand that all the insanity that seems to be going on in our apparently external world is nothing more than a reflection of what is going on in the collective inner.

The collective inner: our interior workings, what is making us tick, what spurs our actions and our thoughts, what we allow to guide us.

For all but a handful on this planet, there is an inner war going on in which ego battles against the will of the heart. It can be ruthless, political, cunning. And the strange thing is that this little “being” that thinks it’s us does not even exist except as we feed it with our thoughts.

So if these external events in our world are merely a reflection of what is going on inside us, consider please the words of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange after the presidential election results in America were clear.

This is what he said, according to Information Clearinghouse:


“Assange said today that Obama’s victory was no cause for celebration.

“Obama seems to be a nice man, and that is precisely the problem,” the 41-year-old Australian said, after the president defeated Republican Mitt Romney on Tuesday night to sweep back into the White House..

“It’s better to have a sheep in wolf’s clothing than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”


Assange implied that the challenger Romney was a sheep in wolves’ clothing. He was brash, arrogantly aggressive in his attacks on Obama, wolf-like aggressive in the debate exchanges. And the President played a more docile, statesman-like role, the nice guy.The ego tends to vacillate between playing the role of wolf-judge and sheep-victim, much as the presidential candidates did, both of them.

With a private audience, insult 47% of the voters and you’ll still get some of them to vote for you. Tell the world that you have compassion for the children of the world, but go out and have drones maim and kill thousands of them around the world. You can say that you are all for the rights of women and at the same time be on record as for them being second-class citizens.

You can make a campaign promise to close an out-of-control abusive prison, and then conveniently forget that once elected. These are the same kinds of tactics that the imaginary ego uses to perpetuate the inner war it wages on the heart.

If something goes wrong, blame it on someone else. Do whatever is convenient to build your “power.”

If you have our troops “kill a major terrorist” who has already actually been dead for several years, you can bleed that line for lots of votes.

Might we see that nearly all of the governmental and religious institutions that claim to benevolently shepherd us are all taking the role of a wolf in sheeps’ clothing? Are we willing to face the clear facts that we are not being represented by those who say that they have our best interests at heart?

Will we let our leaders actions be more important to us that empty words?

What will be of such great value in our moving into a more harmonious and peaceful time is our willingness to face what is in front of us with trust that we are moving beyond the need to suffer the corrupt and foolish to guide us in our religious beliefs or to govern us. The corporotocracy runs most of the government, most of the media, and it enables our increasing slavery.

We will not reverse this course until we first recognize that we are being enslaved.

Our institutions are acting just like the ego. They pretend to serve as they abuse. They pretend to be the worlds’ peace-keeper while they abuse innocent populations all over the world with the intent to dominate. They say they protect us from harm while they poison our water with flouride (rat poison), allow the poisoning of our food, and spray our skies with chemicals that make us stupid.

And no, you won’t read that in a big daily newspaper or see it on the TV network news. The big boys own that song and dance.

We have not wanted to face this because it is too painful if we do not trust in our ability and our destiny to rise above it, to erase it.

It is time to trust our inner guidance and our harmonious destiny. This cannot become reality until we choose to trust ourselves, trust our united power, and disengage from that which is abusive, whether it be ego, institution or the idiot bully down the street.

Egos’ mirrors do what the imaginary ego seems to do: they fight for false varieties of what they call power, they deceive, they create the false impression of formidable external enemies, they blame someone else, they are never satisfied.

Ego is the great imaginary internal terrorist. It tells you that all the messes in your life are somebody elses’ fault. So who are what are the worlds’ most potent terrorists?

Egos and institutions: They always want more of what they want, and less of what is inconvenient to their increasing control.

So many of us have been raised to believe that we must fight for justice, must resist the oppressors. And we have been fooled into believing that the oppressors are enemies coming from outside of our country, outside of our churches and synagogues, people in other parts of the world who are actually simply tired of being abused. It’s wake up time, folks.

It is not about fighting anything or anyone. It is about disengaging: removing our attention and support from the abuser, whether it be ego or institution. Fighting anything perpetuates the collective suffering.

I know that as a primary aspect of wisdom that I humbly offer for your consideration.

Those who claim to represent us in our governance are bleeding us, abusing us. The religions claiming to be our spiritual guides almost all aim to convince us that we are unworthy, that we are separate from God, and that we should be fearful of condemnation. Our institutions want us weak and divided, easily manipulated. And we have been cooperating with them, just like we have with ego.

Maybe it’s time for us to decide who really are the wolves in sheeps’ clothing. Maybe it’s time for us to come together, uniting in our true and loving power, trusting in ourselves and in our destiny.