Retired General: “We Have to Accept the Fact That We Did Torture People” (Video)

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Torture is still happening, says Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez of black sites around the world that the Obama administration has yet to close down. Sanchez was the highest-ranking Latino in the U.S. Army when he retired in 2006, after having been commander of ground forces in Iraq during a critical period of the war—and during the period when abuses at Abu Ghraib occurred. Since his retirement, he has called for a truth commission to investigate torture, and, he says, “Americans need to face up to” what happened there.

Lt. General Sanchez joins Laura in studio to discuss the ongoing debates over torture, the serious questions facing military officers in the field, and the unwillingness of Obama to look back over the conduct of the Iraq war. He was in New York to be a panelist at the Culture Project’s “Blueprint for Accountability,” and we bring you video from that event featuring Mariska Hargitay.