Monsanto You Make My Stinger Itch

Kill the real bee in favor of more cost-effective Robobee? Pollinate with drones? Monsanto believes that Life on Earth is only a practice run for their product, Life on Earth Two, showing soon at a theater all around you.

They want one cash crop. So everything else is killed – including bees and flowers. Everything dies but that one corn plant, which stretches from horizon to horizon, the boring mono-culture. All the weeds, the bacteria, all the mysterious stuff in the air and water and soil that can’t be accounted for, doesn’t fit in the business plan – is destroyed by pesticides & herbicides. Only the product-plant lives and it is jacked up on GMO steroids. Bottom-line: Monsanto hates ecosystems.

Monsanto is where right-wing fundamentalism went. It is the all-powerful paranoid god from the bible, the one that told us that we would survive our trek through the wilderness if we believed in one all-powerful god and one god only. Forget that unruly crowd of dancing nature deities. Go for that one Big Daddy who promises to kill all the monsters in the wilderness. He promises to GPS all of you little hiking sinners to the promised land with a pillar of fossil fuel fire. This pentagon-god banishes all eco-systems, because hey the Earth is creating constantly, all that primordial soup is unfurling life, and the corporations can’t keep up with it. Maybe something might happen that Godsanto can’t patent, package, or kill!

Monsanto, you make my stinger itch. Don’t kill that scary wilderness, that’s the where we already are! Our HIVE IS ALIVE.