The upper class rich white folks think poverty comes from people being “too lazy.” In all reality, African Americans and Latinos do not get the chances they deserve. Just because of their skin tone they cannot get a fair chance. Nowadays your skin color decides if you get a job. How does that make sense? Do not get me wrong; there are successful colored people, but they probably had to struggle more to get to where they are. Poverty and racial inequality starts with the government and the system.

Research shows that African Americans get called back by potential employers for a job way less than white people. In the charts that show the percentage of people who get called back, statistics show that 17% of white people with a criminal record get hired compared to the 14% of African Americans who get hired even without a criminal record. Even when we can do our best to better ourselves, society does not give us a fair chance.

According to a drug survey, two percent more white youth use drugs than African American youth. Another survey came out saying that white youth, “are more than a third more likely to have sold drugs than African American youth.” So why is it that cops patrol the projects more than the avenues? Cops and this government need to stop attacking the wrong people.

This debate matters to me because us Latinos and African Americans are labeled the same way: unimportant, violent, uneducated, etc. People need to realize that there is too much injustice in this country. The other side’s argument is that people decide if they do well or fail in life. That would be a good statement if the playing field were leveled. What needs to happen is that we (lower class, Latino, African Americans, etc.) need to stand up for what is right and start a revolution. We need to fight for what we believe is fair for everyone and stand up for all our people.