Climate Catastrophe Coming To a City Near You

A study by the Global Carbon Project says a continued increase in carbon dioxide emissions means the planet could see up to triple the maximum 2-degree target set by the United Nations in 2010 and heat of the planet up enough to usher in a temperature rise of up to 6 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. So eat local, wear a Jimmy Carter Cardigan while driving your prius and compost all you want, but unless the humans of the world slam on the breaks and do a 180 turn radically altering the way we produce, consume and live, Armageddon like conditions will be coming to a town near you this century!

The six-degree projection by the Global Carbon project is even more dire than the report issued by the World Bank that warned in 84 pages of horrific and meticulously presented text, graphs and images of the apocalyptic effects of 4 degree Celsius increase by 2100. That report pointed out “a global mean temperature increase of 4°C approaches the difference between temperatures today and those of the last ice age, and this magnitude of climate change—human induced—is occurring over a century, not millennia.”

Read the Global Carbon Project study

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