Citizen Activists Fast to Push Anti-Corruption Vote

LA, SF, NYC, Houston, Sacramento – Citizen activists from across the country are entering the final days of their water-only fast after weeks of deprivation in a bid to elevate the issue of money-in-politics corruption during this year’s midterm election. Those fasting have urged voters to exclusively support candidates who support pro-democracy reforms that would overturn the Supreme Court’s recent Citizen United and McCutcheon decisions by signing their Democracy Voter Pledge.

“We’re fasting to call to action all those who believe, as we do, in a ‘one person, one vote’ democracy, where the voices of everyday Americans count for more than the dollars of billionaires and corporations.” said 99Rise co-founder Kai Newkirk, who will have gone 18 days without food on election day. “We have a sacred duty to exercise our right to vote, and a strategic imperative to do so in a way that will advance our struggle to end the domination of big money over American politics.”

Over 40 people from across the country have fasted in solidarity with Newkirk as part of the Fast for Democracy, including Stephen Bass, who has fasted 14 days and Laura Rubalcaba, who has fasted 12 days. The campaign has reached tens of thousands of people, many of whom are poised to vote this Tuesday based on the issue of money in politics. Newkirk, Bass, and Rubalcaba will themselves be voting at their local polling places, though they anticipate needing help to walk and stand for any period of time.

2014 is estimated to be the most expensive midterm election in American history, costing nearly 4 billion dollars, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. With the vast majority of that money coming from just a tiny portion of the wealthiest 1% of Americans, 99Rise is calling on the public to take action and help build a new mass movement of nonviolent civil resistance aimed at ending corruption and winning a real democracy for the 99%.

WHAT: Fast for Democracy Final Push
WHO: Kai Newkirk & Stephen Bass (LA), Laura Rubalcaba (Sacramento), 40+ Supporting Fasters
WHERE: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Houston, Sacramento
WHEN: Tuesday, November 4th