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Arizona’s Tenacious Laws Against Sex Workers

US state’s initiative that aimed to improve prostitutes’ lives has brought “no real reform” as harsh penalties persist.

Editor’s note: In November 2013, journalist Jordan Flaherty produced a ten minute TV news report for Al Jazeera America on a controversial program in Phoenix Arizona called Project ROSE. After he saw his story re-edited and its focus changed, he wrote an article about Project ROSE for Al Jazeera English, featuring information left out of the news report. Al Jazeera English posted the article, and then took it down days later without explanation. Because Truthout believes the issue addressed by the article is important, we published the story removed by Al Jazeera on December 27, 2013, but removed it on January 9, 2014 when Al Jazeera asserted copyright rights to the article they had removed from their own site.

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