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Shrouq Hamed El-Aila

Shrouq Hamed El-Aila, 20, lives in the Jabalyia camp in northern Gaza, and is currently a sophomore in English at the Islamic University of Gaza. ‘I am one of 1.8 million people who is fueled by hope – hope to fly away from the siege and beyond the borders of Gaza.’ She has plenty of dreams, but most of them cannot come true due to the ongoing blockade. Instead, ‘I have wings in my mind that help me soar and fly to places where the Israeli army cannot catch me.’ Shrouq loves reading books, especially those about the Palestinian cause. ‘Reading to understand more, and to write for Palestine, is my duty and my way to fight. I believe in the power of writing as the best way to resist and fight back against Israeli propaganda. Indeed, exposing our experiences and what we are going through is the best way to spread the word.’ In addition to being an activist, Shrouq loves singing, although she modesty hurries to say that her voice needs ‘improvement.’