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Joan A. Casey

Joan Casey received her doctoral degree from the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the Fall of 2014. Her research focuses on using electronic medical records to study the effects of environmental exposures on population health. Her dissertation work suggests that living near industrial agriculture may put residents at risk for antibiotic-resistant infections. This research has been published in JAMA Internal Medicine and Environmental Health Perspectives. Joan’s area of interest also extends to investigating the impact of unconventional natural gas development on community and individual health. As a health and society scholar, Joan hopes to build on her body of research by utilizing electronic medical records to study the built and social environments’ interaction with environmental exposures. This includes investigating changes in the microbiome due to widespread antibiotic exposures from industrial agriculture operations. Joan received a BS in biological and environmental engineering from Cornell University and a MA in applied physiology from Teachers College at Columbia University. In her spare time, Joan enjoys coaching track and field, listening to audiobooks and travelling, which she hopes to one day reconcile with her concerns about global sustainability.