Room To Breathe: From Chaos to Peace in the Classroom

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At overcrowded and underfunded public schools across the country high suspension rates are exacerbating existing achievement gaps. Often, chaos in the classroom is to blame, keeping students from concentrating on their classes. On this edition we’ll hear excerpts from Russell Long’s film “Room to Breathe” which takes us to a middle school in San Francisco, California, that began teaching mindfulness in the hopes of giving students the skills they need to focus on learning.

Broadcasting on public television stations across the country this fall. Check Room to Breathe website for updates. You can also host your own screening of Room to Breathe for your community, and help bring mindfulness to many more school.


Ling Busch, guidance counselor at Marina Middle School

Megan Cowan, mindfulness teacher, students and teachers at Marina Middle School in San Francisco