Restorative Justice: Reconciling Face to Face

Victims and perpetrators sitting down face to face…it can help heal their wounds, and our society. Incarcerating our way out of crime clearly hasn’t worked, and it’s costing us billions. Meanwhile, school suspensions are reaching record highs.

Now, Institutions across US are finally starting to consider problem solving methods other than punishment. Restorative justice is gaining ground–in the schools, and behind bars.

Paul Jacobsen, Rosa Parks elementary school principal
Mekaylah Porter, Marilyn, Rosa Parks elementary students
Yari Sandel, restorative justice coordinator
Helen Parker, San Francisco’s restorative practices department coach
Sonya Shah, Insight Prison Project Justice Program Director
Nancy Potts, mother of son killed by drunk driver
Chris Scezech, drunk driver
Radha Stern, mother of murder victim
Sam Johnson, San Quentin prison inmate