Henry Giroux on What the Left Must Do to Resist Anti-Intellectualism and the Ultra-Rich

(Photo: Pocketing Money via Shutterstock)(Photo: Pocketing Money via Shutterstock)

Peter and Mickey spend the hour speaking with author/educator Henry Giroux. Giroux explains the concept of “critical pedagogy,” and the pivotal role that education plays for the whole of society. He warns of the increasing domination of the world by the ultra-rich, and a new form of anti-intellectualism fostered by a failing corporate media. Among the measures the left must take to resist these forces, he names the formation of a third political party, and more academics taking on the duties of public intellectuals, rather than limiting their activities to the campus.

This interview aired on The Project Censored Show on Pacifica Radio. The program airs live Fridays 1 pm Pacific time from KPFA in Berkeley, California and re-broadcasts on more than 25 stations across the US.