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Cheney, Bush, Give Your Home to a Refugee

At least 850,000 people are fleeing war in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and sub Saharan Africa without shelter or safety.

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Waterfront sunsets, oysters, cool breezes on white sails. I hope the Bushes and the Cheneys enjoyed their long vacation, because now it is time for them to hand over their vacation homes to refugees.

I know, you didn’t think your war would touch your mansions, but as Donald Rumsfeld once said, “Stuff happens.”

This particular stuff is your fault. Plenty of people knew the invasion and occupation of Iraq would break a region and unleash a nightmare. From a thousand cruise missiles and $18 billion in arms sales, what did you think would come?

What’s coming, says the United Nations is at least 850,000 people, fleeing war in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and sub-Saharan Africa. They’d rather be home too.

You bear responsibility and you have the room. The Bush family already had two mansions in Kennebunkport. Governor Jeb just built a third. Misters Rumsfeld and Cheney enjoy private resorts on the Chesapeake bay. It’s time they gave up their private decks and rolling lawns. Iraqi women fleeing ISIS would appreciate Rumsfeld’s manor house on a hilltop called Mount Misery. They know the real thing.

The Cheney’s could house a village or two at their ranch in Jackson Hole. They’d just need to hold their GOP fundraisers elsewhere.

In truth, it’s not just the them. This is our world too. Lots of Americans watched the desperate wash up dead in the Mediterranean from the comfort of their second homes this summer. Last year saw a 57% increase in vacation home buying in the US according to the National Association of Realtors. The number has risen 25 percent since 1989 to some 5.1 million properties today. We hardly use them. Almost half of us take no time off. So how about it? Let’s hand them over. Mine sleeps two. We can squeeze in more. I will if the Bushes will. How about you?

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