What the “Average American” is Asking on 09/08/13

All agree that chemical weapons were used (even Assad agrees); the Administration says that we have overwhelming evidence that Assad’s forces deployed these chemicals (Assad denies).

1. What evidence exists to specifically lay blame on Assad’s forces and NOT on Hezbollah or Al-Qaeda forces operating in Syria? Just because the chemicals were detonated in a “rebel” controlled neighborhood doesn’t mean Assad’s forces deployed them. Could it be that Hezbollah or Al-Qaeda groups had (smuggled in? or pilfered from Assad’s storage depots?) these chemical weapons, and they were used to heighten tensions or exploded prematurely by accident?

2. Why should this be a USA issue and not a UN or Arab League or NATO issue?

3. If the UN Security Council can be held hostage by one permanent member veto, why not amend the veto process to say if one veto is cast (say Russia) then 2/3 member votes can override; if two vetoes are cast (say Russia and China) then 3/4 member votes can override.

4. If China or Russia or Pakistan (nuclear powers) uses chemical weapons on their own citizens, will we (as the self-proclaimed World’s policeman) strike them back in retaliation too?

5. How much of Obama’s position about attacking Syria is simply a “dry run” or warning to Iran? And if so, why aren’t we upfront about this to the American people?

6. If Israel or Jordan are attacked by Syria or Iran or Hezbollah after a USA strike against Syria, how can the USA stay out of an expanded conflict?

7. If fiscal conservatives (both Republicans and Democrats) are so concerned about the US budget deficit, how can these members of Congress support any further hostilities abroad?

Call your Congressmen/women with these questions! Call the White House! Call your local and national media with these questions! Let’s get answers!