What Message Do You Need?

TV Static.(Photo: Jhayne / Flickr)Here are the underlying messages retailed by corporate media:

  • Everything is just fine, you should just go shopping.
  • Scary dark men with strange names want to hurt you, but guns/the military/the prison industrial complex will keep you safe.
  • Whatever is happening, you can’t do anything to change it anyway, so just go shopping.

Here are the messages Truthout provides:

  • There are problems with our system.
  • We can all understand those problems once we have the facts.
  • We have the power together to change things large and small that need to be changed.

The issues we address are both specific and systemic. In the last month, we’ve published a story that prompted state legislators to re-examine the law so that babies can receive their incarcerated mothers’ breast milk, and an article on corruption in the CDC that prompted many appreciative letters from the Lyme disease community. We’ve also published multiple in-depth explorations of how to tackle essential society-wide changes.

Nothing will change to make a better world without independent, public interest media sources that inform without fear or favor and so lay the foundation for a functional democracy. But “independent” means we have to rely on you, because no corporation is going to fund our message. Will you?

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