Tony Schultz and Scott Schultz: Wisconsin Farmers Support Labor

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“What is a union anyway but working people coming together, acting together to improve their lives,” Tony Schultz, Farmer Director of Family Farm Defender said. “And that is what we’re here to do – to act together, to speak together in solidarity, saying we reject this union busting bill and we reject this budget.”

Rolling down the streets of Madison in their tractors, Wisconsin’s farmers joined the protests that rose throughout Madison this weekend. While in Madison, Laura also spoke with Scott Schultz, executive director of Wisconsin Farmers Union, who spoke about the ripple effects of the anti-union bill that will be felt throughout their community.

“Schools are the epicenters of activity in any rural community and in some, in most probably they’re by far the largest employer,” Schultz said. “If you take a quarter or a third of their employers or employees away or greatly reduce the money they make, that effects the downtown grocery store owner in a small community and these communities are already being threatened.”