The US Trojan Horse in Cyprus

I listened to the ambassadors of the US and the United Kingdom denounce Russia’s intervention in Crimea. I was astonished, but not surprised by their dishonest appeal to international law. They judged Russia with the fervor of missionaries who had, conveniently, forgotten their countries’ blatant disrespect for human rights and international law when their ally, Turkey, invaded Cyprus in 1974.

In contrast to Russia, which, at least, has some legitimate reasons for “breaching” international law in Crimea – protecting the largely Russian population of Crimea from the illegal government of Kiev – Turkey invaded Cyprus as an aggressor. Turkish troops killed thousands of civilian Greeks and occupied forty percent of the island. And what did the US and the UK do? They facilitated the Turkish atrocity and prevented Greece from defending Cyprus.

What about the United Nations? The UN Security Council issued a non-binding resolution urging Turkey to get out of Cyprus, which Turkey has ignored to this day. But in the past forty years, the US and the UK reinvented the UN to legitimize the war crimes of Turkey in Cyprus.

In 2004, the UN tried to convince the Greeks of Cyprus to commit suicide. The “diplomatic” poison the Greeks were asked to swallow was abolishing their democratic independent state in favor of an UN-cooked scheme of two equal and peaceful communities of Greeks and Turks living next to each other in Cyprus. The Greeks of Cyprus detected the rot and seventy-six percent of them voted against it.

Now, in 2014, the UN has resurrected its undemocratic pro-Turkey Trojan horse in Cyprus. The interim president of the Greek Cypriots is meeting with the leaders of the Turkish Cypriots on the UN delusion of a unified island. This “dialogue,” loaded with the recent misfortune of the Greek Cypriots at the hands of the European Union and the United States on behalf of bankers, could do the Greek Cypriots in. In addition, the pressure of the EU and most certainly US to resolve the “Cyprus crisis” could accelerate a fake, but deadly “solution” for the Greeks of Cyprus. The wrong decision – accepting the UN (American) proposal – could lead them to oblivion.

Why? Because Turkey maintains an army in Cyprus. Turkey also floods its conquered Cypriot territory with Turks from Turkey. Under the UN plan, in no time all of Cyprus would be Turkish.

Second, Turkey cannot be trusted. Its twentieth-century history alone is mostly a bloody page of genocides. In the early 1900s, Turkey killed one and a half million Armenians and one million Greeks in cold blood. In September 6-7, 1955, Turkey organized and supervised a pogrom of extermination against Greeks living in Istanbul. Thousands of Turks armed with axes and torches and knifes looted, smashed, and burned about 3,500 homes and 4,500 businesses, wrecking the livelihoods of the thriving Greek community. Thousands of victims of this violent Turkish terror left Istanbul for Greece.

Despite this despicable and genocidal record, the US keeps Turkey in NATO, America’s military alliance with Europe against Russia. And, incredibly enough, the US is trying, through the subverted UN, to gift Cyprus to Turkey.

All this is happening while Turkey refuses to admit wrongdoing, much less genocide, against Armenians and Greeks. Its 40-year record in occupied Cyprus differs not in the least from its earlier genocidal policies and proclivities. Turkey’s apartheid emptied northern Cyprus of Greeks. Turkish invaders desecrated dozens of Greek Orthodox churches, converting them to stables. Turks also looted Greek archaeological sites.

In that abhorrent tradition, the Turkish government of prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is converting the few remaining Orthodox Christian churches in Turkey to mosques. It is also planning the conversion to a mosque of Christendom’s spiritual and archaeological jewel: the basilica of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul built in the sixth century. The Islamists of the Erdogan government want to add insult to centuries of injury.

And, finally, Turkey is not merely a Muslim country, but a country working to resurrect the caliphate, i.e., to head a world Islamic movement and religion.

I don’t know why the US government is still supporting Turkey. The old excuse of using Turkey against Russia never applied. Russia is a superpower with thousands of nuclear bombs. Armies are useless against those weapons.

Second, Turkey is a fundamentalist Islamic country threatening both Europe (including Greece and Cyprus) and the US.

Has not the US learned any lessons from its international law-breaking and illegal misadventures in the Islamic countries of Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya and Syria? The more American intervention, the more Islamic hatred for Americans.

Does Western civilization mean anything to policy-makers in Washington? Civilization demands respect for international law, the invasion of a foreign country becoming a war crime.

I would hope we still care for civilization and those who struggled so hard and for so long to establish it. The eleven-century Arab philosopher Said al-Andalusi had no doubt the Greeks founded civilization. He wrote the Greeks “served humanity with their labor and guided it with their lights.” Countless Western scholars also testified through the ages that the Greeks made Western civilization possible.

The least we should do is stand with the Greeks and not allow Turkey to go unpunished for its atrocity in Cyprus.

Kick Turkey and all illegal Turks out of Cyprus. With Turkey forbidden to interfere in Cyprus, the majority Greeks and minority Turks in Cyprus should be able to live in a democratic, peaceful and prosperous state.