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The Lakota’s Red Cry

New trailer for the film

“White America’s still playing cowboys and Indians with the indigenous people,” Canupa Gluha Mani says.

It’s a hauntingly accurate way of putting the situation, and just one of the striking lines from the official trailer of Red Cry, a documentary movie about the genocide of indigenous people in America.

The film was created by the Strong Heart Lakota Solidarity Project of which Canupa Gluha Mani is the headman. He said they put together the documentary “to make the white man accountable for the atrocities committed against our grandmothers and people.”

The film will document the lives of the Lakota elders in the face of continued cultural genocide on behalf of the United States Government and corporate interests. Several of these elders are interviewed for the trailer and they tell a sad, but compelling story of their fight for freedom and protection of their ancient way of life.

Elderly Cecelia Martin closes the trailer with a heart-wrenching beg, “We need help. Oh please, help us.”

Beginning March 1, the documentary will be added to a grassroots campaign for mobilizing international support to end this genocide and return the Lakota Nation to their matriarchal system of government. Watch the trailer below:

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